Ultimate Guide to Blog Types and How to Start a Blog

This post contains some affiliate links.
This post contains some affiliate links. Read disclosure for more info.

I fell in love with blogging. I remember the first time I saw a blog many years ago. It was like the feeling when I laid eyes on my husband. (ha!) I was intrigued and entertained. The blog was theybf.com, a celebrity gossip blog. I found myself on the site every day (at work – oops, LOL) looking for what’s new in Hollywood, what was new in music, who was dating who, blah blah blah.

Then when I was getting married, I was constantly visiting weddingbee.com. It had so much advice, information, tips, and real brides-to-be like me.

I could relate.

Fast forward to after the wedding, then the baby, I was obsessed with learning how to sew.  The blog Sew So Easy, was my go-to resource for sewing so I visited her blog all.the.time. What truly intrigued me about Sew So Easy was that she had income reports and disclosed how much income she was making from something she was truly passionate about.

See the trend? When I wanted to know something relevant to my life, I knew I could find someone blogging about it.

My entrepreneurial journey: Why blogging?

I choose to start a blog as a business, not just a hobby. My passions are all about being creative and I’m in love with blogs. FemRefinery is my happy place to share all my loves and learn how you can do the same.

Blogging is a platform that you can make money as a side hustle or you can make it a full-time career. There are many bloggers that have made their blog into a 7 figure business, check out Mariah of femtrepreneur.co, Ruth at Elite Blog Academy, Marie Forleo and Angelica Nwandu, the founder of The Shade Room.

Why Now?

I feel like if they can do it, I can do it.  Most of all, I blog to inspire other young women or working ladies or stay at moms to do the same.

Are you not what to say or how to set up a lifestyle blog that makes you money? It is possible and can happen in 1 year or less! #topbloggers #makemoneyonline #passiveincome
Blogging is profitable and hard work! Are you not what to say or how to set up a lifestyle blog that makes you money? It is possible and can happen in 1 year or less! #topbloggers #makemoneyonline #passiveincome

These tools helped me as new blogger wanting to make a full-time income. Are you not what to say or how to set up a lifestyle blog that makes you money? It is possible and can happen in 1 year or less! #topbloggers #makemoneyonline #passiveincome

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Start with your Why

You must start with your why…why the world would YOU blog? Believe me, money is a factor, but money is not everything. I’m starting this a budding entrepreneur with a big mission to inspire 10,000 women to spark their creativity. Eventually, my goal will be for 100,000 women to spark creativity every day.

I know what it is like to feel unworthy and have so much potential but don’t know how to achieve success. So my blog is my journey and my roadmap for other budding bloggers and creatives.

Growing up in a small town, I didn’t know many entrepreneurs. Successful professionals went to work for someone else. Which is totally fine, but there is so much opportunity now that you can work for yourself and share your passions with others. Blogging for me is inspiring for others who may not see successful women in business.

Lastly, my “why” includes building a community. My interests vary widely from my tastes in music, food, and clothes, and activities so I want to forge relationships with ladies like me – the world is our oyster!

Next Niche Research

Next you should do niche research on what you will blog about. Don’t let this be paralyzing. You need to spend some time on this, but not weeks or months. Here’s how to do niche research in 3 simple steps:

Answering the basic needs of humans is always a good start. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains that people are motivated by “physiological”, “safety”, “belonging and love”, “esteem”, “self-actualization”, and “self-transcendence,”

Solve problems or be inspirational to readers. Can your expertise solve a problem? It doesn’t have to be solving world hunger, it could be as simple as decor and organizing.

Get inspired by blogs you can relate to. Personally, blogs that have a creative component relate to me and my readers. Choose a niche you already read and start there.  

Overall, your blog needs a niche that:

  1. Resonates with your passions
  2. Relevant to your readers
  3. Reveals your uniqueness

After you go through those steps, here are two questions to ask yourself if you want to monetize your blog:

Do people already pay money in this niche? Going back to Maslow Hierarchy – is your niche something people already pay money for if not, don’t waste your time.

Is it sustainable? You don’t want to pick a niche that is just a passing trend.

Broad or narrow niche?

You likely have heard you need to niche down when you are just starting a blog. It helps to capture your perfect audience. Narrowing your niche also helps to monetize because the right affiliates, ads, and courses will suit what your readers want to buy.

Blogs that niche down

Start a Mom Blog 

Succulents and Sunshine

Create and Go

Hey, rule breakers! This one’s for you. (ha!) Your blog does NOT have to be in a narrow niche. Many unconventional bloggers have a broad niche. They may have a more established presence and already have the audience to attract multiple topics.

Blogs with a broad niche

Brit and Co

The Everygirl

Chasing Foxes

Types of blogs revealed

Curated blog

Guest blog

Broad niche

Teaching blog






How to Start a Blog

1. Start with massive action.

You won’t have a blog or any business if you don’t take action. Not just baby steps, but massive action to get you going. I talk about how you’ll get demotivated to do anything cause your mind can play tricks on you when you overthink.

2. Pick a domain name for your blog.

Your blog name should incorporate your niche and passions. It can be something totally unique too!

3. MUST HAVE reliable hosting.

I recommend SiteGround.com because they are trusted for top blogs and small blogs alike. 


SiteGround Levels of Hosting

SiteGround has awesome customer service, which you really don’t need to use at all. Their site is user-friendly, unlike my previous hosting service. Plus you can get your FREE domain name right there for first timers! Super plus — they will transfer your old blog for FREE!

Use my unique code below and get your SiteGround blog hosting for 60 percent off! https://www.SiteGround.com/go/FemRefinery

I chose the GrowBig because it is only $2.00 more than the StartUp plan.  

The StartUp plan includes all essential hosting features to start and run a single website. SiteGround’s GrowBig plan can host unlimited websites in a single account and get Unlimited Backup Restores, Premium Support and SuperCacher for great speed for FREE! Better yet, the GoGeek hosting plan includes even more advanced hosting extras like Instant Backup on Demand, Git and Staging for FREE!

4. Choose a blog theme, you can purchase a paid theme or a free theme.

5. Start posting awesome content!

6. Monetize your blog based on your niche.

Popular monetizing methods include:

  • Selling your own physical or digital products
  • Promoting other physical or digital products (Affiliate marketing)
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored posts

In Conclusion

It’s simple to start. Imagine how far you will be 6 months from now or even 3 months from now. Blogging is a great industry for any topic but especially profitable for a blog niche that speaks to the needs of the human experience and relationships.

Can you imagine helping hundreds and millions of people with your message? Again blogging is not rocket science, write for entertainment reasons or instructional content. Find your why and start blossoming from there.

Your dreams can’t wait for your overthinking so do it now! Your background and your present soul-wrenching job can’t measure up to the awesomeness in your future.

In the comments, tell me if you have a blog and if not, when do you plan on starting?



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