7 Steps Before Launching a Money Making Lifestyle Blog

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Congratulations! You have decided to put your voice out there as a blogger, but you are wondering how in the heck to start a money making blog?

You probably read my Ultimate guide to blog types and how to start a blog. If not, read it, and come back here, okay? In less than 2 weeks, that post has been saved on Pinterest 225 times!

Now if you get distracted easily or crunched for time, save this image below and come back later.

Lifestyle blogs are rising and making full-time money fast! How to get your blog making money as soon as it launches? Full-time bloggers use these launching tip to explode their blogs to make money online quickly! #startamonyemakingblog #blogging #bloggingforprofit

If you want to quit your job in less than a years time.

If you want more freedom and space to make creativity a daily lifestyle.

Maybe you are an avid pinner and instagrammer, so you see all the pretty ideas from those sites and know all the content is coming from somewhere…

You guessed it – bloggers! AKA, content creators. AKA, digital marketers.

I waited so long to become a blogger and make money blogging and I really should have started years ago. As much as I pin, gram, and Google, I’d be a millionaire if my efforts were going into how much I live on social media and Pinterest (it’s a search engine, not social media, more on that later).

But how do bloggers make money for real? I’m talking about full-time income money, not side-hustle coins. 

It’s nothing wrong with a hobby blog and you can certainly make money with your blog as a side-hustle because that is what I do now.

If you are here reading, you probably want to know how to make money with a blog.

I will get there.

The 7 steps before launching your blog are coming. But first I want to share some mistakes you may make on this income journey.

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This post contains some affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for more info.

Not taking action

You can get paralyzed by overthinking. I talk about that phenomenon and how to fix it with how to break bad habits. Take action and test it. Strive for action, not perfection.

Not having a business mindset

Having a business mindset is simply putting in the work and not feeling like you have to be an overnight success. Greatness takes time! The good thing is that blogging doesn’t take as much time to build a full-time business as a brick and mortar business.

Not considering your readers

Be consistent to your readers and not self-serving. I strive to provide high-value content and share what I know will be successful.

Not being self-hosted

Having a blog on a free site means you are renting space. You are building a site on someone else’s property. If the free service wanted to, they could shut you down.

It happened to 7-figure blogger, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents. She says, “The worst thing I did was starting Making Sense of Cents on Blogspot. It’s so unprofessional and your blog can be deleted at any time for no reason. In fact, Blogspot decided to delete my blog one time and I had to beg for it back. It was a scary thing to think that everything was deleted for absolutely no reason!”

I recommend hosting your site on a self-hosted platform. I highly recommend SiteGround! They are faster than Bluehost and more secure.

They have awesome customer service, which you really don’t need to use at all.

Their site is user-friendly, unlike my previous hosting service. Plus you can get your FREE domain name right there for first timers! Super plus — they will transfer your old blog for FREE!

Use my unique code NOW and get your SiteGround blog hosting for 60 percent off! Click here to get 60% off!

This deal is exclusive to my readers!

Not researching the pros

There’s no new idea under the sun, study what the pro bloggers are doing and create our own style! Don’t try to be so unique that no one is searching for what you have to offer.

Whew, there it is, not trying to be negative with the “nots.” They make me cringe, but they drive my point. That part was really just setting up for what I know is the 7 steps before launching a money making lifestyle blog.

Here’s the 7 Steps BEFORE launching a money making lifestyle blog.

[1] Content is King

You’ve heard of algorithms, right? An algorithm is a set of rules to be followed in calculations, especially by a computer. All platforms like Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook use them. To really get seen on a platform’s algorithm, you have to dominate the platform quickly so you can be seen as an authority. What’s the secret?

That is is the key! Have awesome content built up before you launch so when it’s time to put your content out there in the world, the larger platforms will notice you and promote your content even more than older content.

Now, let me take a step back and tell you that “launching” is not something complicated. I used a plugin to set up my blog before I launched so I could work on content before it was live. Others consider their blog launched when they start to promote it on Pinterest.

So launching is different for various people.

You can write your first pages and posts BEFORE you launch. Maybe you can’t afford hosting or perhaps you are taking a course first before you build your blog.

The first pages I created and the topics you need on your blog are an About (or Start Here) page, a “Work With Me” page where brands and your audience can contact you, and a resources page.

Here are some tips for writing your About page:

  • Tell them what your blog is about and how you can help
  • Find what is unique about you and post it
  • It helps to have images and post one of yourself!
  • Have a personal story, but make sure the page is all about the reader

When you have your main pages and categories in mind, money making blogs provide valuable posts

I recommend that you write at least 20 quality posts before you launch your blog. Did I do that, no. But I wish I knew that algorithms love new, consistent content. So if you’ve batched all your content and it’s good, you’ll do well.

Don’t promote your blog until then. Just write. Don’t make it a chore! Have fun.

Now if 20 seems like a lot, start with 5. At least have something for your readers. Please don’t procrastinate at this stage. This is where many new bloggers, myself included, clam up. You find yourself questioning what you write. That’s normal so just write content your readers will enjoy and then promote it. You’ll see a trend on what is worth putting out there and write more of that content.

Having more content will give you leverage to get access to Google Adsense, Pinterest Group Boards, and affiliate programs like Shareasale and ShopStyle.

Having more content allows your audience to read to stick around for a while! More posts = more time spent on your blog.

The takeaway here is that you do not want your blog to be empty on your launch day.

So I talked about researching the pros to get inspired. I did this a lot before deciding what to write. I’ve developed my own process and learned from what works for my own audience.

People like list posts and how-tos. But before launching you may not have a list post so here’s what new and old bloggers do – they curate content. Curation is a great way to get people coming to your site. 

You find content your reader may not have time to research for themselves and compile it into an informational or inspiring post!

You MUST not copy curated content. One reason is it is wrong (think of copyright issues) and rude! Another reason is Google will downgrade your content and stop showing your site if it is similar to someone else’s.

Real Simple, Buzzfeed or The WHOot are examples of huge sites that find quality content to share with their readers in a curated style. You can use the reference post and photos, but always source the original creator.

[2] Figure Out Your Audience

One easy way to figure out your audience is to survey your followers on Pinterest. See what broads they are pinning to. If you sign up for the FREE Pinterest Business Plan, you’ll get awesome analytics to figure out what your audience is searching for online.

Another way is to survey those people who ask for your advice. Do you travel often and have tips for discount rates and cool places to visit? That type of person is your audience right there!

[3] Pinterest

  • Apply to Group Boards, even before you launch. many group board owners do not ask for your blog. If they do ask, just say you are creating it soon. Yes, group boards are still relevant to boost traffic to your blog once it’s live. It can be tiresome to apply, but it’s worth it when you get the eyeballs on your blog.
  • Make your own relevant boards that are hyper-niche. For example, I have a bullet journal board, but I also could create a board for just bullet journal trackers.
  • Pinterest is a search engine, or they call it a “discovery engine” (super clever). Pinterest wants users to be able to find what they want and discover new things. As bloggers, Pinterest calls us “creators” and wants new content frequently. This content can be pins for your blog post, affiliate offers, even quotes!

I use Canva to create pins for all my images. I know photoshop very well, but Photoshop doesn’t have the ability to create artboards like Canva does – for free! Yes, I use the free version and it works very well for my image needs.

For sourcing quality photos for my blog and Pinterest images, I use Depositphotos, which is not free. A few times a year they have a 50% off sale, sign up for my email list so you can know when their packages go on sale!

To find free public domain photos (photos that anyone can use without getting sued) I also have a few favorites such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

[4] Build Your Social Media

Before launching, I recommend doing two things.

  1. Saving the names on each social channel that corresponds with your blog. So for example, my blog is femrefinery so I saved the social media handles as @femrefinery.
  2. Choose which TWO platforms you want to focus on. If you try to post on all of the platforms at the beginning, you will get overwhelmed! For all bloggers, I recommend using Pinterest and then depending on your niche choose between Facebook or Instagram.

[5] Study clickable Headlines and Write 50

Study Buzzfeed headlines, they are all so click-worthy. They produce curiosity and help the reader understand what the post is about.

Tip: Write headlines that promise a solution like this:

How to ____________ That Will Help You _____________

Try the free trial of CoSchedule, it has a free headline analyzer tool!

Practice writing 50 headlines and check your score in the tool. Anything above 64 is good! This will help you immensely before your launch your money making blog.

[6] Host don’t Rent

As mentioned above, you’re building your blog as a money-making platform, you don’t want to “rent” your blog on someone else’s land and possibly get shut down or not get brands and affiliates to work with you.

SiteGround’s hosting service is unique because you get a secure https:// handle so your readers know it’s a safe site!

You get a free domain when you are new or when you switch.  Use my unique code NOW and get your SiteGround blog hosting! They help you set up your blog (WordPress is recommended) in 20 minutes or less. Click here to get 60% off!

[7] Network with other new bloggers and veteran bloggers

You can network with bloggers before you launch. The online community is very friendly and there is room for everyone, trust me! I’m apart of several Facebook groups, masterminds, and blogging courses. I’m not afraid to reach out because this is my career dream. Do it scared!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the 7 Steps Before Launching a Money Making Lifestyle Blog. Have you started your blog yet? If not, which step was most useful to help you launch?



P.S. You can sign up for my VIP mailing list! Coming soon, I’m writing a free course on blogging to help you make money on your blog. Cheers!

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Full-time bloggers use these launching tip to explode their blogs to make money online quickly! #startamonyemakingblog #blogging #bloggingforprofit
How to get your blog making money as soon as it launches? Full-time bloggers use these launching tip to explode their blogs to make money online quickly! #startamonyemakingblog #blogging #bloggingforprofit

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