One Simple Trick to Break a Bad Habit

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How do you wake up like the women in the beauty commercials? You know who she is – her hair is perfect, no signs of crust on the side of her mouth, and her eyes are bright and perky. This woman is the definition of “I woke up like this.” Let me tell you, that is not me. I’m like a mix of early riser and bed challenged. I want to get up early, but the sheets are so comfortable, they keep me captive. I typically wake up from having just fallen asleep at 4:00 am. I am an insomniac or to politely put it, “a sensitive sleeper.” Ha! We are going to talk about how I am breaking the habit of hitting snooze and how you can do it too.

I listen to many audiobooks about success and overachievers and one thing I’ve learned is that successful people get up early. I also listen to many YouTubers that talk about mindset, meditation, entrepreneurship, passive income, and much more. Because I’m on Youtube at least once a week,  you can say I am a Youtube University alumni, going on to get my graduate degree. I use the app a lot.

Hesitation Hinders

I came across a woman, Mel Robbins, on YouTube and a few minutes into the video, I hit the subscribe button right away. She was that good. I was hooked. She was talking about mindset and the secret to breaking the habit of hitting snooze.

We are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary.  Our brains are designed to keep us from those things. Our brains are trying to keep us alive. –Mel Robbins

When you get up in the morning feeling like crap or didn’t wake up feeling refreshed, it is okay. You may not ever “feel like it.”

You are never going to feel like it. Often we are only motivated to do things that are easy. “Easy” is staying in bed and not getting out of bed.

Mel says, “Our minds are designed to stop you from doing anything that might hurt you. It starts with something super subtle that no one recognizes.”

Hesitating. We have a habit of hesitating.

That micro-moment [hesitating] sends a stress signal to your brain and it wakes up. – Mel Robbins

Your brain now asks why is she hesitating? Think about something you do instinctual, like putting on a pair of heels, do you hesitant to put them on? Probably not, it is natural.  So when we do hesitate, our brain is like “ok, this is different.” Automatically it is in protection mode.

“You can truly trace every single problem to silence and hesitation,” Mel says.

Those are decisions. A decision to do or not to do.

“The problem is you are in your head, you’re thinking.” – Mel Robbins

break a bad habit

I tried this method and it works! Stop procrastition for good. Great productivity tip.
This countdown tip has helped me so much with my blogging tasks!

Hear Your Inner Voice

Now here is the good part, we can beat our brain! When you want to accomplish something, Mel says the brain automatically opens up a checklist.

“[The brain] goes to work to reminding you of what you intended.” – Mel Robbins

I tried many times to have a consistent workout schedule. The times I remember where I succeed, where the times I put my mind to it and did workout was when I just acted on it without thinking too hard.

What about you? Think back to when you succeeded at something. What pushed you to act?

This action to success scenario happens when starting a business or starting a new project.  It is when you just do the action is when the action gets accomplished, not when you have it all in your head.

The key is to develop the skill to hear that inner wisdom and that intention and leaning into it QUICKLY. –Mel Robbins

Go from knowledge to action

There’s a quote that says something along the lines of ‘everything that is in me I already have.’ I love this quote because it inspires and gives me peace that I already have the tools I need to accomplish hard tasks. Even a seed already has everything it needs to be the object it needs to grow into. The fertilized ground helps the seed to grow into an apple tree or bushels of grapes.

So how to break the bad habits like hitting snooze button?! Here’s what Mel did.

She pretended NASA was there and literally counted out loud backward 5,4,3,2,1, LIFT OFF!

For the first time in three months, she beat her habit of hitting the snooze button. The next morning she used the same method of counting backward and it worked.

You see, the key was counting backward!

I do the same with my kid. I just naturally do that and he comes. Sometimes I do not even have to count, I just say “I’m going to start counting” and he comes because he doesn’t want to hear me count. Ha!

Mel says she started to notice something interesting. All day long, there were moments just like the 5-second moment in bed. She knew if she didn’t move in five seconds, her brain will tell her to stay in bed, be comfortable, and talk her out of it.

You have about a 5-second window or less to move from idea to action. -Mel Robbins


Remember your brain is designed to stop you when you need to do something uncomfortable, uncertain, or scary. It is your job to move from those ideas that could change everything into acting on them.

  • When you just act instead of hesitating, your mind will work with you to accomplish your goal
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • You have 5 seconds to move from idea to action

Sounds easy right?

Mel has a book titled The 5-Second Rule. This is not a sponsored post, so I get nothing from promoting the book. I was instantly curious about how to stop bad habits like hitting the snooze button.

There is an avalanche of people that have stories about the 5-second rule and its benefits.

It is an idea, a tool to use for free. It’s simple as apple pie.

5,4,3,2,1 counting backwards. Go!

How are you going to trick your brain to go further? Let me know if you have tried this technique and have you stopped hitting snooze?

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