June Bullet Journal Plan with Me 2018

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June Plan with Me - Trending on Pinterest!

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Hello summer and hi everyone! It’s plan with me time for bullet journal enthusiasts. Most of you have probably started your planning for the month but if you haven’t had the inspiration, I’m here for this!

Plus, if you are brand new to bullet journaling, you are in luck! I have the ultimate guide to mastering the bullet journal for beginners. 

What is cool about bullet journaling is you can make it as fancy or plain as you want it to be! I explain here that really all you need is a journal that lays flat like this one and a quality gel pen.

Once you start, you will want to invest in a few more supplies so your planning doesn’t bore you every month. Also if you are sharing your bujo on youtube or on your blog, your audience probably wants to see something different.

By the way, bullet journaling was trending on Pinterest today. I assume it is because it is the first of the month and everyone is doing “plan with me” posts. More on that later.

Now back to what I was saying.

I’ve seen bullet journals follow the minimalistic style and also very detailed journals with elaborate spreads and habit trackers each month. Bullet journal is a planner, organizer, and sketchbook all in one. Make it what you want and have fun!

The first thing to include in your bullet journal

Most bullet journals start with a theme every month. I like to think out of the box with my themes, that’s why I chose Cinco de Mayo for the month of May. I had so much fun creating it and it was cool to see all the reaction around how different that theme was.

Last month I gave you all some ideas for themes for the upcoming summer months. Did you pick one?

So what are you here for…drum roll please… June’s theme is “Pink and monstera” 

I love the tropical leaf from the monstera plant. There’s a printable of how to draw the leaf here. It looks like Swiss Cheese doesn’t it. Ha!

June “Plan With Me”

I did a sneak preview on my Instagram and the crowd went wild! Seriously, it may not be much to you but I appreciate the love. It was such a creative boost when folks appreciate your art.

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I knew I wanted to add actual photos to my spreads this month. The pink and monstera images weren’t too hard to find. I was able to find what I needed on the “googler.”

This is not all the spreads but most of them. Follow me on Instagram for more spreads! Again, let’s see how long I can keep up as far as journaling every day and planning throughout the month. 🙂

Trending on Pinterest

Like last month, I ended the spreads with my blogging goals. I narrowed it down to focus only on three. Last month I had too many and was not able to keep up. You all know my family and I moved during the month of May so I was too busy to update my blog.

The last picture has my blogging goals for this month. Here you go – hold me accountable!


I intend on producing 6 post per week. This is HUGE. However, I have to catch up from only writing two posts in May.


I heard that in the summer pageviews go down, but I’m a rule breaker so this all the reason to write more quality posts. This way I’m building up quality pillar posts for the Fall.


You all, bullet journaling and plan with me posts were trending on Pinterest this month. The most popular keywords I noticed were how to start, ideas, and layout. People are really searching for ideas and inspiration there – I know I do!

With that said, I focus on my promotional strategy on Pinterest and will let you all know how it goes!

In the comments, here are two things to tell me:

When do you start your bullet journal planning?

What was the theme you chose?

Love to hear from you below,


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