How to Create a Profitable Blog: Your First Month Blogging

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Your first month blogging is exciting and daunting at the same time!

Building your audience and finding out what THEY like is the key. When I started my blog I wanted it to look exactly like the big bloggers.

I get it. I have been there.

My blog was on “coming soon” mode for nearly 3 weeks – why? Because I’m an impatient perfectionist. It takes me a long time to do something and then I get mad because it takes so long – a HOT MESS.

Is that you? Are we twins? I’m I reading your mind?

I knew what I didn’t want to do was live the same year twice! Year after year reading blogs until I realized this blogging thing is not going away. Advertisers and big businesses look to blogs to promote products. People look to blogs for entertainment, education, advice and so on.

Desiring a blog business and looking at everyone and their papi having a blog and I did not was devastating. I thought to myself “Oh no no no no.” SMH. Monique you can do better. You can do this too.

So I started my blog. (Pin this image!)

First month blogging plan for new bloggers

Well it wasn’t that easy for me just to start. I wrestled with self-confidence, what to write, and technical stuff I did not understand. I also struggled with thinking it was easy – since everyone is doing it.

Blogging is not easy. It does get easier. But you have to put in work.

I got my mindset into gear and I sat at my computer making sure my theme was perfect. Meanwhile I had ZERO content. Content is king. The funny thing is, I actually have a different theme now. My first month blogging was wasted on a meaningless task that I changed later.

Don’t do that to yourself. Your time has to be worth at least $200 an hour. Time is money!

So if the task is not worth that much, don’t do it, or have someone else to do it. I’m giving you permission to outsource those technical or menial tasks that are not in your wheelhouse.

Say for instance you don’t know how to customize a section of your theme. Many times just asking the theme developer can help, but most theme developers charge extra cost for customization. 

Luckily the theme I use now is perfect with very little customization needed. The theme is from the good folks at Pipdig. They even install the theme for you at no cost. Typically customizing and installing a paid theme just like the sample is $150 with other theme providers. Heck no! I’d like to keep my coins.

I LOVE my theme now, I just write/create and not worry about tech stuff.

Your first month blogging should be full of ideas and inspiration, and creating content. YOU ARE A CREATOR. Your first month blogging is like a honeymoon to yourself. You are a rocket about to launch.

Here’s the problem, you get stuck in you head and never actually launch or write down anything. And if you are like me, OMG you start to research, research, research and analyzing every peanut of information out there until you get completely confused! Urgh!

Then days and weeks later, you’re still at the same place. Take MASSIVE ACTION and get out of your head.

First month blogging graphic

What NOT to do your First Month Blogging

  • Worry about tech stuff
  • Perfectionism: I talk about an awesome trick I used to get my mindset on track here.
  • Purchasing a paid theme (if you have already that is great, but a free theme is all you need your first month blogging)
  • Branding. This part will come, but first you need to get content out there. You are not the next Coco-Cola so know one knows your brand right now. Blogging is so flexible and you will learn so much so don’t waste your time on branding the first month.

Solutions to the first-month blogging are below to start you on the right path!

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Foundation of the First Month Blogging

You are going to need a FANATICAL DRIVE to blog long-term. Even more, if you are monetizing your blog.

It’s so much crap information out there to slow you down into paralysis analysis. As I said above “It takes me a long time to do something and then I get mad because it takes so long.” Truly a HOT MESS. I thought about doing things way too long

Niche Research

This is covered in depth in the post Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog. Copy and paste to read in a new tab and come back.

Consider if your niche will make money because if it does not, well you can definitely start over. Scrivs has a great post on niche selection here.

Will and Grit.

Many, many, many bloggers will say they made double and triple digits their first month blogging. Whoa and that sounds amazing! But consider several factors when you come across first month blogging income reports such as:

  1. Is this their only blog? (Many bloggers have several blogs and have failed many times before the money making blog turned to a success)
  2. Do they have prior blog experience? Maybe it’s not their first time building an online business.
  3. Are they solo or do they have a team of support to get their blog to scale up faster?
  4. Do they already know the ways to promote their blog to success? The average new blogger does not and it’s okay.

Note, there are exceptions, but most people do not make money their first month blogging unless it is Starbucks coffee type money.  I just want to set the expectations for your so you don’t feel like you have failed in any way. It will take some time. You got this!

  • Day 1: Read the Ultimate Guide to Blog Types and How to Start a Blog
  • Day 2: Install Siteground self-hosting service (with a 60% off discount on your blog + a free .com just for my readers). Install your first theme (free or paid) and create a free logo with Canva. My logo is a hand-lettered font – super easy.
  • Day 3: Plan out your content. Use Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Day 4: Use this time to draft more content. Need help, see it in action on 7 Steps Before Launching a Money Making Lifestyle Blog
  • Day 5: Draft content knowing it may change. Your first month blogging will be like throwing spaghetti on the wall – just write and then you’ll see what sticks.
  • Day 6: Plan out your long-term goals. My goal was not to live the same year twice – stuck in a career that didn’t utilize my skills and interests.
  • Day 7: Wrap up the week with drafting more content and plan out the next week.

First Month Blogging Plan

How to create click-worthy posts

Here is one method to start writing for your first five posts – Problem/Solution/Conclusion Method

Blogging is a bit different from formal writing that you learned in school – so I give you permission to THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW.

Be conversational. It will help you come across as a real person with your readers.

  • First, start with the problem and include some personal information about you.Make sure it is interesting and your reader can relate. Adding a story for readers is a great practice.
  • Next, have at least 3 points that actually solve the problem you explained in the post.Break up your paragraphs so they are easy to read. Many readers are viewing your blog on a mobile device so make it super digestible with bullet points and breaks.
  • Last, tell them again the purpose for helping them to solve the main problem and end with a recap of the solution.Always end with an open-ended question to get your readers to engage in the comments or follow you on Instagram or Pinterest.

You can launch with as little as five posts

All you need is 5-6 posts to launch. Start with attention-grabbing headlines as described here.

  • Day 6: Install WordPress from Siteground’s instructions and use a free theme if you would like.
  • Day 7: Write content from your drafts.
  • Day 8: Continue writing content. A good length for posts is 1200 words. With practice, you will get to that word count fast.
  • Day 9: Draft and edit content.
  • Day 10: Set up social media handles; just get the handles, you don’t have to have any content posted on them yet.
  • Day 11: Edit and finalize post 1 and 2. Hit Publish! 
  • Day 12: Start drafting content for posts 3, 4, 5

Tools You’ll Need Your First Month Blogging

WordPress theme

Again, I love my theme now as I mentioned above. Your first month blogging can just have a free theme, just ensure it is self-hosted.  WordPress has some nice free themes and they are great to get started with.


Setting up a business account for Pinterest is as easy as going to Next follow in the instructions for setting up a business account, validate your site, and apply for rich pins.

Rich Pins is one of the best things to do your first month blogging.

It sets the pin up to increase the visibility of your pin.

Now, here’s the thing. SUPER IMPORTANT. You’ll need to have your site self-hosted as I describe in my Siteground post.

SiteGround’s hosting service is unique because you get a secure https:// handle so your readers know it is a safe site AND Pinterest will know how to connect with your site.

You get a free domain when you are new or when you switch.  Use my unique code NOW and get your SiteGround blog hosting! They help you set up your blog (WordPress is recommended) in 20 minutes or less. Click here to get 60% off!

Next, make sure you have your hosting url set. For example, The entire link with https:// at the beginning is the url. It will be valuable when you apply for Rich Pins.

Here’s a great tutorial to set up rich pins. I messed up and could not get rich pins until I did this.


Other tools to set up the first month:

Set up your mailing list provider. Here are a few: Convertkit, MailChimp, Drip, CampaignMonitor, and Mailerlite. Some providers are free until you hit a certain number of subscribers.

Sumo is an awesome addition to your mailing list provider and increases your list growth. They help promote your blog too!

Tailwind is a pin scheduling tool and it schedules your pins to Pinterest. They are an approved Pinterest tool so you can pin away!

Here is my link for a FREE MONTH!

Group boards and Tribes. My best tips for joining group boards and Tailwind tribes is to be specific on your topics. For instance, if one of your blog topics is home decor, search and join relevant group boards in home decor.

I would stay away from just general group boards and tribes with names like “All Bloggers Posts.”

The repin and click through rate is low for those type of boards.

Tip: This script has really helped me to join 30 plus group boards and tribes.

Hi! I like your board and followed your great pins. I’m requesting to join your group board (name the board) My name is (name). My Pinterest is (pinterest url). I would love to be a contributor and I won’t spam your board. I want to be as helpful as possible – please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

  • Day 13: Set up your mailing list provider and consider a pop-up service like Sumo.
  • Day 14: Set up Tailwind. It makes it easier to promote your posts to Tailwind. Tip: Use their chrome extension to find quality pins to ad to your schedule.
  • Day 15: Edit and draft content.
  • Day 16: Swipe the script above to network and join group boards and tribes.
  • Day 17: Edit and finalize post 3 and 4. Hit Publish!
  • Day 18: Edit and finalize post 5. Hit Publish! 
  • Day 19 and beyond: The rest of the month continue taking MASSIVE ACTION. 80% of the time should focus on creating and promoting content the other 20% will be consuming content (research) and networking.


Beyond the First Month Blogging for Long-Term Success

As you can tell, as a blogger you will be drafting and writing content and promoting from here until eternity – just kidding. It gets easier and when you start to monetize and build your community, you’ll be glad you did it.

You do not want to repeat the same year twice. Just think of how much you’ll learn and accomplish if you just get started!

This is your first month blogging plan. A plan to set your blog on the right path and get published fast.

You’ll make mistakes but I’m here to support you because I’ve been there. Drop a question or a comment below – I would love to hear from you!



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