10 Bullet Journal Trackers You Need to Maintain Your Life

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Bullet journal trackers are definitely a great way to track and teach yourself.

What’s more? At times, they  help you in achieving your goals and other important stuff.

While we are at it, how about enlisting different types of trackers along with some tricks on maintaining them? Sounds cool, right?

Let’s get started.

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Habit tracker

A habit tracker is a versatile bullet journal tracker which knows no boundaries. It can cover a range of specific values and this is why these trackers are a lot more informative. Basically, you are tracking everything under the sun – things you are doing, and things you are not doing.

Nutrition tracker

You might have heard about this bullet journal tracker for the first time here. Even if you have not, let’s admit, that these trackers can help you maintain your health if tracked properly.

All you need to do is log daily calories and other nutrition related values. What specific foods did you consume? How many liters of water did you drink and so on!

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Goal tracker

This is perhaps one of the most exciting bullet trackers that can actually help you in achieving your goals by making you work in certain direction consistently.

Your goal could be anything from quitting smoking to brushing twice a day or meditating and exercising and so on.

Period tracker

Men, no, this is none of your business!

Specifically meant for women, a period tracker can help a lot of women especially if you are one of those who forgets their important date quite frequently.

This tracker in addition to tracking your periods can also help you in understanding your body cycle, symptoms and mood swings.

Social media tracker

Even if you are not a social media fan, as a business/blog owner social media is your sister from another mister. It’s easy to track certain goals for your social accounts in your bullet journal.

Well, all you need is a social media tracker which would help you measure your progress tangibly. What’s more? With the help of this tracker, you can also make an attempt to track expenses, engagement, and other important analytics.

Blog tracker

Along the same lines as social media tracker, a blog tracker can help you in tracking your blog progress in terms of traffic, followers, and sales and so on. You can also track page views, posts published per week and other important data which actually matters and can make a difference!

Mood tracker

Didn’t see it coming? Yes, well, a bullet tracker journal can also help you in tracking your moods like anger, fear, happy, sad, and so on.

You can denote a certain mood with a certain color and draw lovely monthly doddles. You can also sign up for a bigger project by tracking the yearly moods, and yes, people actually do this!

Exercise tracker

Your bullet journal tracker can actually help you in staying fit by allowing you to track your exercising schedule on the go.

You may track the days when you exercise. You can also add the different types of calories that you indulge in and how many calories do you burn per day and so on.

Weight loss tracker

Who doesn’t want to lose weight?

Until and unless you are blessed with an overly skinny figure, we all desperately want to get in shape by losing weight.

A tracker can be of great help in this aspect. It can help you in tracking your weight loss journey and inspire you in between.

Financial tracker

This is something important and should be maintained by all. A financial tracker can help you in saving money while also helping you analyze your most expenses.

You might need a financial tracker for financing your education or for saving up for a vacation.

Medication tracker

If you are bad at handling medicines, or if you have a complex medication schedule, a medication tracker can come to your rescue.

You can use it for tracking the specific medicines, the dosage and the time it was taken.

Thus, this way you can keep your medication schedule sorted on the go.

Your Turn

So, which one is your favorite pick? And how many of these do you already maintain? Shout out in the comments below!



Make life life less hectic with these 10 bullet journal trackers!
Bullet journal trackers to add to your bullet journal to make life less hectic!


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