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You’ve more creative thoughts and business ideas than time. You find yourself daydreaming about a new lifestyle. We must be twins because I am with cha! Let’s do this together!

Here at FemRefinery…

How to define FemRefinery? Fem is a short form of feminine. A refinery is where a substance is made useful for a greater cause.

FemRefinery is a lifestyle blog focused on creative enthusiasts and lady bosses. Through this corner of the digital world, FemRefinery inspires, educates and entertains real women with a creative spirit.

The “FR Woman”

The “FR Woman” uses creativity and a can-do attitude in her life and business to: overcome overwhelm, design a life of freedom, empower herself and others, and push her passions to the next level.

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FemRefinery’s mission is to

“Inspire 10,000 Women to Spark their Creative Prowess”

You aren’t crazy! The life of loving what you do can be a real, but you are overwhelmed with work, bills, debt, struggles,
and just crap that does not inspire you! Again, I feel ya! Let’s do it right!

What you will get from FemRefinery…

FemRefinery helps slash the overwhelm, hone your creative skills,
bring joy to everyday life, make money online, and
learn ways to do this part-time or full-time.

Whether you are new or a veteran creator, there’s inspiration here to spark your productivity,
creativity, life, and products mouse made or handmade!

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<h2 style="text-align: center;">Meet Monique</h2>

Hi there! Thanks for joining me here on my corner of the internet as I inspire 10,000 women to spark their creative prowess.

I’ve been a communications professional all my adult life. That means I love art, design, writing, and I do all of those for a living. I started this blog to share things I love and ideas that would benefit women in goal setting, creativity, life hacks, and building passions to profits. I live with my son and husband in the great state of Texas.

Five quirky things about me:

Lover of fermented grapes

I wanted to play the triangle in elementary school (I still do)

I am a small town girl living in the city

Introvert (INTJ) and Polymath

My favorite flower is the orchid