15 Small Space Hacks That Will Work for Homes, Apartments, Dorms

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Small space ideas for home, dorm, and apartmentHi everyone! Here are some small space hacks anyone can use whether you have a large home or condo, apartment, dorm, or tiny house. I’ve been moving this month, which I shared on my Instagram, so I haven’t posted on this blog in a while. So sorry! I have some awesome things to share coming up so come back often. We moved from a two-story home to an apartment, so I know I’ll be looking for small space hacks and storage ideas on Pinterest.  I thought I would share some inspiration for creatively making your small spaces fun and functional.

Small spaces aren’t just for apartments and dorm rooms, but you will find even in larger homes there are some small spaces that need sprucing up. Examples of these are your entryway, bathroom, and bedroom.

I’ve curated these small space ideas for you. PIN IT to look back later for ideas. Let’s get started!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! 

Small Space but Organized Entryways

You may not even think there is space to store items and have a dedicated entryway in an apartment or dorm, but it is possible you guys! I would pattern it after these looks I found on Pinterest. Apartment Therapy’s board is to-die-for. There’s so many DIY and inspiration to covet for your small space. When you are planning your small space entryway here’s some tips:

#1 Hooks can be a great way to add functional style to your space like these here.

#2 A cubby on the wall can hide small items in the entryway. You can purchase this one here.

#3 Ikea has lots of flat drawer ideas like the BISSA. You can purchase here.

#4 Accordion racks will fit well in an entryway.  They are not only for hanging cups, but also for hanging umbrellas, hats, and scarves. Find options here.

#5 Hoop mirrors are so trendy and hip. Mirrors always make a small space look larger. This one from Anthropologie has a brass finish; the silver finish is also available.

Images credit:

Cup of Jo || det Dia || Instagram/brennahaledesigns || Instagram/moonbeam.dwellings

Small Space Hacks for your Bathroom

I do not know about you, but I could literally have a bathroom all by myself to store all my girly things. I would make every day a spa day like I talk about in this post about affordable luxury bath ideas.

Here’s a few tips that have worked for me:

#6 Wicker Basket

Let’s say I walked into my new apartment and there was not a towel rack or you need two racks and there is only one available. Try a large wicker basket. You can fold the towels in the round cinnamon roll style and it will look super lux! Find the set of baskets here.

#7 Bathroom Shelving

Add some much-needed functionality to your small space with wall shelving like this rustic 2 tier bathroom shelf with towel hooks. Amazon sells it here.

Amazon find here! I have prime shipping so I can get this bathroom shelf for my small space quick!

#8 DIY Towel Ladder

I am a DIY fanatic. I see myself as the next Martha Stewart – ha! If you are like me, you start planning your next DIY adventure on Pinterest. Well, Lowe’s has the perfect DIY weekend project and material list here.

Lowe’s Weekender DIY, copper towel ladder

This copper ladder bathroom towel rack is a great fit for small spaces. It can work for any space that needs vertical storage. Some creative ways to use this DIY project is to add jewelry and shades on the top of the ladder and blankets or towels on the bottom rungs.

Small Space Hacks for your Bedroom

#9 PegboardA simple pegboard can help store items if you have small space or lack of space in your home, apartment, or dorm


Image source: Real Simple

#10 I heart this wall mini shelf. It is practical and saves space.

The wall cubby is easy to add your bedtime reads and a flower or candle. Or a  beautiful mini orchid. I love orchids, but they don’t love me. (sad face)

Anyone know how to keep them alive? I heard an ice cube instead of water because it drowns them, but haven’t tried it yet. I digress…

Practical and saves space this magazine, cubby wall shelf is perfect for small spaces.

From enkontrast on Instagram.

#11 Under Bed Storage with Wheels

Before we moved, I stored some of my hair accessories and craft materials under my bed so I could easily get to them and they were clearly out of sight. I like this rolling under the bed storage much better because it has wheels.

#12 Create the illusion of space with suspended shelves 

Suspended shelf for small spaces

Image source: Decorators Notebook

#13 Hanging multi-pocket organizer If you only do one thing on this list, do this affordable small space hack for your bedroom door.

Bed Bath and Beyond Multi-pocket organizer

Image source: Bed Bath & Beyond

#14 For all your Instagram selfies, GO BIG with a statement mirror, like this one.  Mirrors give even small spaces a boost in the aesthetics.

#15 A lucite table is just what you need for this chic look. The clear acrylic is great for a small space because it not a bulky piece of furniture and blends in with your surroundings. Got Amazon Prime? Have this one in your home quick!

Small space hacks like this lucite table is uber chic!

Image source: via Pinterest/Maneiga Derretida

I’m happy to find these ideas for you all. Researching has definitely helped me with my apartment ideas for the small space I’m in now. Find more Pinterest ideas on my profile – join me in pinning all the things! Leave me a comment below on how you are going to maximize your small space!

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